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Thread: NieR: Automata (PS4) Yoko Tuttaro x Platinum

  1. it's a pretty short interview but

    Question 3: I read your twitter a lot, and I noticed that you really like Tenka Ippin’s ramen and steak. If you had to erase one of these from the world, which would it be? By the way, when I say erase, I mean that all memories of them ever existing would be gone from you and everyone else in the world.

    Yoko Taro: If I’m able to make that decision, that means I have time between hearing the problem and having to give an answer. According to your question, that amount of time hasn’t been determined. In that case, I’d probably stretch out my answer for as long as possible, “hmmmmm, I wonder what I should doooo. Their ramen is good, but so is their steak… Oh, wait, today I think I want to watch Mad Max!”
    That Yoko Taro. He's alright.

  2. Best man.

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  5. I really hope the world design is more than 'running from one box room to the next' but otherwise, it looks way better than it has any right to be.
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    That will sell me a system.

  7. Yay

  8. I was already going to buy a PS4 but this just sealed the deal.
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  9. I was definitely going to buy one, but now I'm definitely going to buy one.

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    ALl the robots appear to have emil heads. I wonder if they are going to retread the story of the first, where you find out you're not killing robots, but killing the children that were turned into war machines from the nier book that was put out in japan? Further sealing the fate of humanity by removing survival options.


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