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Thread: Help Me Pick a TV

  1. Help Me Pick a TV

    For reasons that are still not fully clear to me Rebecca has a line on one of these TVs for free.

    Which one would you get? The roku features are not a selling point for me. It'll have a ps3, and an apple TV hooked up to it. I don't know anything about TVs.

  2. The TCL brand one has 3 hdmi ports while the Samsung only has two. Other than that they both seem to be pretty good TVs. Never heard of TCL before though.

  3. Even after some (cursory, granted) searching, neither posts contrast ratios or response rates, some of the more salient compare points...even in their spec sheet pdfs. They seem both seem basic and are probably nowhere near best-in-class.

    Samsung generally makes decent stuff and I've never heard of TCL (although apparently they're Chinese-based, 4th largest HDTV manufacturer globally), plus I dislike feature bloat, so I'd just take the Samsung and not sweat it.

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    Support South Korea over China and get the Samsung.


  6. Quote Originally Posted by cigsthecat View Post
    I'd be surprised if either of those sets were on there.
    It's a nice idea, but there just aren't enough people capable of providing reliable data.

  7. Samsung is 60hz, other one is 120hz. Does that matter?

  8. Nope. 120hz on a TV usually just means that theres a setting you can turn on & off that essentially runs a filter over whatever you're watching to make it look like it's running at twice the framerate. It looks pretty awful & unnatural.

    This is unlike 120hz Monitors that just run at 120fps and look super smooth.

  9. Samsung it is. I've had a Samsung TV for 7 years now, and never had any real complaints.

  10. Thanks.


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