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Thread: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One, PC)

  1. It took me a couple of games to adjust to the slower, easier to knock down chainsaw, but once I figured it out (and Netwurked got wasted), the train kept a rolling all night long!

  2. We've got 3 spaces open for Saturday Night Gearver.

  3. today Comcast decided to have a full day outage as wind blew

    so I didn't get to play ;(

  4. Comcast is still holding strong in Alabama, despite the pockets of bad weather.

  5. B-lo can't dance confirmed.

  6. Sorry about not joining, was watching some movies.

  7. Unbelievable! Mardin with the full parry! Gears of War Ultimate Edition, it's madness! It's unadulterated madness!

  8. Was that a glitch?

  9. Fuck yo' couch!

  10. The developers just posted a lengthy Q&A on their forums:

    Q: Will there be a patch for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition? What will be included in the patch?
    A: Yes we are planning on patching Ultimate Edition. We are currently evaluating the high priority fixes that should go into the patch. We are looking into issues such as the shotgun, the scoreboard in spectator mode, the L-trigger delay to shoot bug, the instant roadie run after being revived bug, some crash bugs, and a number of other hot issues. Once we know what will be fixed we will release patch notes. There is no set timeframe for the patch yet but we hope to get it out as quickly as possible.

    Q: I'm having an issue with downloading/purchasing/installing my game, what should I do?
    A: Please contact ... they can offer fast phone or live chat support and are the best way to get help for these types of issues. Unfortunately staff at The Coalition do not have the ability to make any changes to your account so you will have to go through official Xbox Support.

    Q: I can't connect to matchmaking, what is wrong?
    A: Our servers have been reporting very high stability and matchmaking success. The majority of issues we have seen with matchmaking is when Xbox Live is down ( or when players are connecting behind a strict NAT or router, especially from behind school/university/work network firewalls. Please contact your system administrator or internet service provider for help, or try adjusting your router/ports/NAT settings via ... you can find your router on the list here for specific information for your router (

    Q: The game seems laggy?
    A: Please check the server list on the main screen of the game and select the closest server to you. If you are playing with someone else as a host (e.g. private match or matchmaking in a party), you will be using the host's closest server which could result in some lag for you.

    Q: I haven't received my pre-order code for X character from my retailer, what should I do?
    A: Please contact the retailer you purchased the game from. Unfortunately The Coalition cannot resolve retailer sales/pre-order issues.

    Q: I'm having issues with my purchased weapon skins/characters, what should I do?
    A: Please try uninstalling and reinstalling your game and/or DLC packs. You can navigate to them via the store and click the "menu" button on your controller to bring up a list of options. If you are still having issues please contact Xbox Support at

    Q: I played in the beta but I don't have my weapon/character skins, how do I get them?
    A: Please note that only the Gamertag you used in the beta will be granted the weapon/character skins. If you are using the correct Gamertag but still do not have them, please post in this thread with your Gamertag and proof (video/photo) that you played in the beta during that timeframe with that Gamertag.

    Q: Where can I see the official list of characters and weapon skin unlockables in the game?
    A: You can see that in this thread here.

    Q: I see other people playing with X character or X weapon skin, how do I get those?
    A: Check the official list of unlocks here, as well as the pre-order list and the community skin list.

    Q: What is wrong with the shotgun? Are you going to fix it?
    A: Yes we are investigating the shotgun. Although the aiming works exactly the same between Gears of War 1 and Gears of War UE, there are some inconsistencies in terms of damage/spread and some other bugs going on. We are looking into this to make it more consistent and skillful. Please note that there is also a bug with the reporting of the shotgun kills that shows headshot shotgun kills when they are actually body kills. We are looking into this as well.

    Q: The gnasher shoots/aims differently than Gears of War 1, are you going to change it to centre/barrel aiming?
    A: The shotgun actually works exactly the same as in Gears of War 1. It is centre-aiming all the time until the barrel of the gun is DIRECTLY touching a wall or another player or object, and then it switches to barrel aiming. This is the same as Gears 1. It is not possible to change the gun to full centre aiming all the time as because this is a third-person game, it would mean that someone could shoot/snipe from behind a wall without ever exposing their characters' body. So this is why Gears 1 and UE both work the same way and go from centre aiming 99% of the time until the gun is directly touching/blocked by an object. That being said, we are looking into the inconsistencies with the UE shotgun bugs and hope to have these resolved in an upcoming patch.

    Q: Why aren't there very many maps in competitive?
    A: All Social playlists contain all maps, whereas the Competitive playlists contain the maps that work best for that game mode. That being said we are looking into enabling more Gears of War 1 maps into the competitive map cycle so there are more maps available to players, and maps that players don't like can be voted out.

    Q: I seem to be getting matched up with higher/lower level players, is matchmaking working?
    A: Please note that the matchmaking system works on SKILL-based matchmaking and does not use the visible XP ranks to match-make. However, it does take several games for the system to determine your "skill-based rank". After players play a few games they will be matched according to their skill. Some players may be a high XP rank but have low skill and vice versa, so that is why it may appear to not be matchmaking you correctly -- however the system should properly match you based on skill after a few initial games.

    Q: Can you force full teams/individual players to play together?
    A: No, the system cannot force full parties to play together or force individuals to play together.

    Q: Can you change matchmaking to work more like Gears 3 or change Locust/COG team sides?
    A: No, unfortunately we cannot change the matchmaking to work more like Gears of War 3 or switch team sides.

    Q: Does anything else unlock after Level 60?
    A: No, all the unlockable characters and skins are posted here. Keep an eye out for more community contests and events for a chance to win special skins!

    Q: Will there be any more DLC/characters/weapon skins/maps for Ultimate Edition?
    A: At this time there is no more DLC planned for Ultimate Edition. We are focused on creating more maps, characters and features for Gears of War 4. If this changes we will be sure to post about it as soon as possible.

    Q: I keep rolling/sticking/etc into walls, can you fix this?
    A: We have fixed as many of these issues from the original Gears of War 1 as possible. If you notice any significant issues with specific areas please post a photo or video in this thread showing the area that the issue is constantly occurring and we will look into it!

    Q: This X feature/system/aspect is not the same as Gears of War 1/3, can you change it?
    A: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is Gears of War 1 remastered and unfortunately that does mean that there are some "legacy" issues or playstyles that are part of the game, such as melees, walls, general playstyle, etc. We did add in some Gears of War 3 features where possible such as better movement, spotting, spectator mode, etc, but we encourage players to embrace Gears of War 1 and enjoy Ultimate Edition for the remaster that it is. We look to future titles to innovate and improve on the Gears of War franchise.

    Q: I found a glitch, how do I report it?
    A: If you find a really bad bug or glitch, please post it in this thread with a clear photo and video and explanation of how you found the glitch. Please do not post bugs/glitches without clear photo/videos and descriptions! Thank you
    We need to start doing social matchmaking instead of competitive matchmaking to get access to mo' maps whenever we're rollin' with 4 or less in a squad.
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