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Thread: RIP Satoru Iwata, 12/06/59 - 7/11/15

  1. RIP Satoru Iwata, 12/06/59 - 7/11/15

    Like or dislike his handling of Nintendo, that's honestly sad and shocking.

  2. I guess his illness was as serious as some speculated when it was announced. That's truly a shame. RIP.

  3. #3
    Please undertake.

  4. damn, he was really sick

  5. This is a downer. RIP Mr. Nintendo.

  6. fuck

  7. Really endearing guy in videos and interviews. Really sad

  8. That's unfortunate.

  9. Holy crap, this can't be real...

    I really liked how he was steering Nintendo to be a little more open than it used to. Iwata Asks, all the dev and behind the scenes stuff...

    This is so sad. He's gonna be missed.
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  10. wow, this is shocking news. That's a big position Nintendo has to fill now.


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