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Thread: Hearthstone

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    Does anybody play this? Blizzard nailed the addictive formula here, I feel.

    For those who don't know, Hearthstone is a F2P collectible card game that's kind of like Magic, except it's MUCH more streamlined.

    THE Key difference is that there is no colored mana, and no playing mana cards. Instead you gain 1 mana every turn, with a limit of 10.

    You earn in-game cash by winning games. 3 wins gets you 10. 100 gold gets you a pack of 5 cards. HOWEVER every day you get a quest that you can perform by winning games/meeting certain conditions (winning with different classes/decks, number of wins, damage dealt, etc) and that speeds up your gold income. You can have a maximum of 3 quests waiting at any time.

    As a dad now I don't have as much time to play games as I did before, but this game really slides right into the pick up and play role. You can finish most games in about ten minutes, and you can play on your mobile phone. The card grind is insane, though. If you want to be competitive at high levels, especially with another expansion coming out, you'll have to spend money or grind for about a year probably.

    I need friends who play this game so I can get free packs! If you play add me! And then let's talk about the second expansion cards!
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  3. I'm all about drafting in these types of games and I could never really get into HS's Arena. Plus I've put an absurd amount of time into SolForge over the past 2 years and I really love their draft system.
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  4. It's a great game. I played it for a solid month or two about a year ago. I was into Warlock decks, mostly. I was super addicted to it. I had a group of three or four IRL friends who also played. And then I just stopped. I haven't really played it since.

    I really like it, though!
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  5. This is a great game...

    ..but every time I've played I wished I was just playing Magic.

  6. I couldn't get into it. CCGs just aren't my bag I guess.

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  8. Hearthstone is a solid game but I just can't seem to get into it. I tried with the initial PC beta and again when it came to mobile, but I just fade away after like a week.

  9. It took me a while to get into it, but now I play practically every night. Having a good selection of cards plus daily quests keep my going. Though some of the cards feel really unbalanced. I have one that automatically resurrects any of my monsters that die during my turn. Put a taunt in front of him to make him really hard to kill, and my opponent needs something really special to have a chance.
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    oh good add me plz cowutopia
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