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    Recommended! Short and different.

    A camera records the statements that a woman makes to the police in relation to her missing husband. Years later, you sit at a computer and search through a video database by typing in keywords. The computer searches for the keywords in transcripts of the statements and returns up to five results. To dig deeper, youíll have to make connections, combine words, play detective.
    Her Story [official site] is a game about crime and investigation from Aisle and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories designer Sam Barlow, and itís one of the best in its field.

    ... As well as being a superb detective game, Her Story might be the best FMV game ever made.
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    Yeah, I've heard about this. Sounds interesting.

  4. We talked about this a bit in the PC thread, but most people didn't seem interested.

    This is a fun way to spend an hour or so. Some of the praise seems a bit hyperbolic, but I definitely enjoyed it. It has a good story to tell, and tells it in a unique way.

  5. Indeed. I don't think it will compel anyone to play more than once, but I found it to be an excellent evening of fun with a friend. There were a couple of "aha!" moments and "WTF" moments and I pulled a notebook out for notes. It was a good time and really felt like we were deducing something. Lots of silly stuff in there too. And I enjoyed reading some conflicting interpretations about it afterwards.

    Good quickie game, which is mostly what I'm into nowadays.

  6. Saw this on GOG, thought it looked interesting. It's cheap, too. I might try it out.

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    It was a pretty good story. There are some video clips I haven't accessed yet. Probably just going to start with random words.
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