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Thread: Darius Burst: Chronicle Saviours (PC, PS4, PSV)

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    Darius Burst: Chronicle Saviours (PC, PS4, PSV)

    2015 and coming west

    It might be time to look into a dual monitor setup.

  2. Nice! I've been on a Darius kick lately. Did anyone play Darius Burst? I'm interested in that as well.

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    I have it on my phone. I'd have it on my Vita too if not for stupid (but still far better than Nintendo) account policies.

  4. I really dig the Darius series and think G-Darius and Darius Gaiden were the bomb. Never did play any of the Burst games so I don't know if they are as good as the previous Darius titles. I'm all for more fishy shmups with Zuntata tunes!

  5. If it gets a Vita cart I'm in though the Burst games aren't up to Gaiden or G standards IMO.

  6. Time to triple dip, especially with Vita not exactly having a glut of STGs. Burst on PSP is definitely good- while G.Darius & Gaiden are better in some ways, DB and most likely DBAC/ACEX are not to be missed either.
    I wouldn't mind seeing this include a port of the PSP version along with ACEX.

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    Winter? Sure hoped it was coming a little sooner, but oh well. Glad it's on the way.

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  7. I really enjoyed the Burst games, including the player ship variety and callbacks to past Darius games.. but I don't think the consensus will rank them higher than Gaiden and G-Darius.
    The arcade's 32:9 ratio is going to look tiny on average-sized monitors, so I'm interested in seeing how they plan to adjust the screen size and consequently the gameplay.

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    I think you're seeing it at about the 0:35 mark of the trailer. They appear to be taking the same approach they did with the ports of the first two games in the series on the 8/16-bit consoles.

  9. I can't tell if the game is good or not.

    I guess that means the trailer worked?

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    It's a 2D (gameplay) shooter from a major developer/publisher in 2015. You're an asshole if you don't support it.


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