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Thread: Star Wars: Episode IX

  1. Nope, I don't invest in this sector (at least not directly). If you sub to a lot of these separate streaming services, it will probably back to the same cost as cable packages.

  2. Spoiler alert: it wont fail and will be bigger than any other streaming service in 4 years max.

  3. I would tend to agree given that Disney owns so much license/content now, people won't have a choice but to sub. Netflix might go the way of BBV, how ironic.

  4. I'm all over Disney for $7 a month. They frickin own everything. I won't miss netflix at all. The one or two decent Originals don't make up for the majority of dumb shit.

  5. Yeah, they in for a rough ride. All that debt ain't gonna fight the mouse house.

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    Oh, a wonderful future where you are forced to watch variable bitrate media because disney has removed every other Avenue for their media, even physical or direct download.

  7. Well, these alien tits aren't milking themselves, ya know.

  8. Goddamnit, the Emperor laugh at the end sealed the deal. Sign me up for this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sedition View Post

    Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker
    Sigh, not to be that guy, but the mary sue shit just gets worse and worse. They gave her a 1000 generation's of jedi knowledge? Wouldn't she be just about a God?

    I sound like an old fucker but this stuff was better with a little mystery and more gray on what is destiny is and isnt. This new shit is like bad anime.

    I hope when she jumps up and slices that nazi tie fighter in half she screams "fooooolllllsssss" like Gundham wing.

  10. Just another by the numbers Disney movie, it will disappoint.


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