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Thread: TNL Gentlemen's Laserdisc Society

  1. the babies are over on youtube.

    Based on his replies to asshats on this video as well as the previous one, and on what I've seen happen with other content creators that try to address complaints I think they'd all be better off if they just ignored the comments. You can't win. I think Techmoan's a decent dude; I've watched just about all his videos since I learned of him a year ago. But internet people are assholes and even the ones that aren't assholes can seem like they are because you just assume you're always being attacked.

    That said, have a little empathy. He asks people to ignore that he said it broke again. Well why mention it? Then he says he's put enough money into it and he's done with it. So people assume that means he's tossing it. He doesn't say he's tossing it, but it's easy to assume that's what he means. So tons of people commented that they would be happy to pay him something for it or think another youtuber may enjoy trying to repair it (my guess is it's a cap issue). Does he deserve to get flamed over what he decides to do with his property? No, but you put yourself out there for public consumption you have to think a little bit about how the public will react to what you do or say- and again once you start accepting money for doing this shit you lose the ability to say "Eff off if you don't like this, I do this stuff because I enjoy doing it not because of what you may like."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    and again once you start accepting money for doing this shit you lose the ability to say "Eff off if you don't like this, I do this stuff because I enjoy doing it not because of what you may like."
    I don't know if I agree with this. I don't recall people expecting so much from things they paid for pre internet. You just dealt with it most of the time.

    Motherfucker wasn't going to change a movie or an album because you didn't personally like it.

  3. Nobody should ever give a fuck what anyone posting in youtube comments says.

  4. pre internet, someone produced something, and then you paid for it.
    These people get the money upfront.
    It's like the difference of kickstarting a game vs buying it from a store shelf.

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    either way, you're not getting your money back and you're not entitled to what they do with it. If you don't like it, stop donating.

    Its like going to the store to get food. You don't actually eat the food before you pay for it. You pay for it, then take it home, then eat it. You get the purpose of the food after you pay. If you don't enjoy the food, you stop buying it. Not go back to the store and demand some other kind of food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    I was thinking maybe a Pioneer LD-V8000
    Zeroing in on the players I might get. $200 is really my limit.

    LD-V8000 - Pros, solid player build for industrial environments and to be used all day. Also made to work with computers and can be used to upgrade or repair laserdisc arcade games like Dragon's lair, etc. So at the very least I can resell it.

    Pioneer CLD-S104 and CLD-S201. Cheaper units, can be had for less than $100. I hear there is not a lot of processing on the output, so could be good for my purposes.

    CLD-1010, touch above 100, but has a red laser which I hear is good for laser rotted disc. Also little processing on output.

    CLD-D703 and DVL-700. at the edge of what I want to pay, but it gets named dropped a lot as a good player.

    Anyway, my goal is to run the composite straight into my PC and capture that way. I'll use software to process the video. I don't give a shit how the player looks on a modern TV. If I do watch movies on it, I'll either run it to a crt or run the converted file from my raspberry PI to something newer.

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    I don't have any experience with the 1010 so I can't comment on it. It's an older player so it may give you the purest signal.

    The DVL-700 was my first player, and probably the best quality player of everything you listed. If you were looking for a player simply to use it would be my recommendation. However, it does a bit of processing to the image which may not be ideal for you. Internally it takes the composite signal, separates it into chroma and luma, feeds it through some noise reduction (which you can't turn off in this model) and then recombines it into the composite output. It gives a clean signal but the side effect is rainbow effects from the bad internal comb filter. The 703 should likely be similar.

    I have a CLD-S201, and my understanding is the 104 is pretty much the same thing. It was the lowest end player at the time but it's still a decent player. I particularly loved the colors on it. There is a bit of video noise in the picture, I compensated by lowering the sharpness on the tv a bit. I'd bet you'd get a nice image after the capture with a little processing on the computer side.


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