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Thread: Fear the Walking Dead

  1. Puyo Fear the Walking Dead

    No one gave a shit about this? Lol. It was okay. It was kind of lame that only some pimple-faced teenager and Johnny Depp's little drug addict brother were the only two people who knew something was up. It will be interesting to see where they go with this.

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    Is it better than the orginal shiw? Less drama? More people losing their shit and dying?

  3. Only a couple of deaths so far, but it's the beginning of the apocalypse, so it's too early for full-on carnage. They're showing how authorities are dealing with the sickness and how society falls. I find that really interesting and a nice contrast to the original show. I didn't give a shit about the characters after the first episode, though. The family dynamic is weak and tired (single mom lives with boyfriend and her kids don't like him! He has a kid who doesn't like him!).

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    Meh. It's going to come out in a few years that all these family plots are coming from the same focus group or advising company. It's all became so interchangeable in the past 5 years.

  5. I like the approach of the long tease. Different location, the very start of the epidemic. Everyone knows what's going to happen, so they use that to build suspense and ramp things up with each passing day. It starts with seeing a walker, so it's immediatly recognizable as TWD, but the person's sanity is questioned. It's a good hour in until fear of the population is shown. It's being played off realistically. The epidemic didn't kick in over night, it's a few days (maybe a week?) at least. Starts as rumors, hospital and emergency personnel see the insanity first, then public confrontations with video proof. As a viewer you know the details already, so the events have more layers than the character at this point (uh oh, the old man in the hospital bed next to Nick just flat lined...)

    Fun end to the premiere, I don't think they'll hold back much longer before all hell breaks loose.

  6. It was interesting enough, and the timeline gives it a good differentiation factor, but how long is that going to last? Once they're a few years in, what's the difference?

    The apocalypse also seems to happen more slowly than I'd expect. We're talking about a town with an average of like 100 deaths a day and yet clearly this has been going on for days maybe weeks without anyone really talking about it except on the fringes.

  7. The Walking Dead is terrible and I still hold a grudge with the general TNL population for acting like it was amazing and I was crazy for seeing all the same issues everyone else eventually came to terms with.

    I find it nearly impossible to trust this, but with a different cast and better writing maybe. If you've completely given up on the main show and haven't watched since season three, is this worth trying?

  8. The Walking Dead is an awful show, but but I'm gonna give Fear a shot.

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    I got tired of the writing. By season 2 it was just a soap opera.

  10. Everything on TV is.


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