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    The Park (PC)

    Quote Originally Posted by Eurogamer
    Age of Conan and The Secret World developer Funcom has announced single-player PC horror game The Park.

    It's out in October, just two months time.

    Funcom describes The Park as a "short but intense" experience that sees players investigate a spooky theme park after dark. You play as mum Lorraine who is hunting for her missing son, Callum.

    The title will be a departure for the studio, which has become known for its recent work on MMOs.

    Funcom's announcement comes as it seeks financial aid - either investment or a buy-out - to avoid filing for bankruptcy.

    The Norwegian developer has been on thin ice for some time, after underwhelming sales of The Secret World and muted interest in its latest project, Lego Minifigures Online.

    "It has been very exciting and creatively energising for us working on a single-player experience again," explained Funcom boss Rui Casais.

    "'The Park' is actually the outcome of what started with a small group of developers experimenting with new concepts and looking at how we could draw upon the universes we have built for our massively multiplayer online games and expand upon them into smaller-scale single-player games. Something special started to take shape, and 'The Park' ultimately became something we are eager to share with the rest of the world."

    Fair warning - the trailer below includes some pretty seizure-inducing flashes.

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    I like the dev and I like horror games.

    That trailer was shit for a game coming in a month, though.

  3. The Park (PC)

    lol Funcom
    What game of theirs do you like, Mzo?

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    Secret World was pretty cool but pretty much DOA. I'd never seriously sink time into an MMO ever again but it was interesting.

    Wouldn't mind seeing some gameplay, even if it was just sneaking through some dark environments.

  5. I played Age of Conan into the ground. It's one of the better MMOs. The actual combat mechanics were ahead of their time and really complex... it made for some great endgame content and interesting builds.

    The graphics and environment/settings really put it in on a pedestal compared to everything else that it was competing with.

    A lot of highs and lows with the game. Funcom could hardly ever keep up with delivering content the players needed. It hurt the game on release.
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  7. worst name of all time

    except for those Japan trashes where they can't use punctuation marks correctly

  8. GMG has this discounted and if you add on their site-wide 20% voucher it's only $8.


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