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Thread: CliffyB's LawBreakers

  1. I really like that minigun design.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rumpy View Post
    I think everyone is going to have a tough time after Overwatch comes out.
    This is probably true, but someone's gotta be the popular kid. I was always playing UT when it seemed like everyone else was playing Q3A or Half-Life. I was playing Tactical Ops when everyone was playing Counterstrike, etc. Overwatch shouldn't take a whole ton away from its competitors unless we see another UT3 scale of ghost town. Which really seemed unprecedented at the time.

  2. UT3 was a victim of COD4 and Gears. COD4 was blowing up in popularity and UT didn't have the unlocks or "realism" at the time. UT also got short-changed by Epic bending over backwards trying to remind you that this is the same team that brought you Gears!!!!! It was sad, like they didn't believe in their own game. UT3 was a classic example of the wrong game at the wrong time.

  3. It seemed like even people who were playing UT games at the time didn't take to it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Changeling View Post
    Just checked in on UT'15 . Deathmatch feels shitty with the limited movement but CTF is fun. Still in alpha with maps without textures and such. Hardly anyone playing it. Sucks.
    It's not even alpha yet, still pre-alpha. It's an odd experiment in game development, but I'm still pretty interested to see it take shape.
    Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    It seemed like even people who were playing UT games at the time didn't take to it.
    I think a lot of the diehard UT fanbase shunned it for having a small number of maps and modes compared to 2k14, but that's such a ridiculously high bar to reach than I think it's kind of unfair. The Black expansion added a ton, but by then they had already passed judgement on the whole thing.

  5. I hope they go all out and "release" UT'15 ('16?) proper because if they just add textures and call it a day and hope the community will take care of it, they're wasting their time. There's too much competition in the FPS market to go that route. It is an odd experiment indeed!

    As far as Overwatch is concerned... yeah it's gonna be tough to go against it but I think UT will be fine because of the user-created angle they got going for it. Lawbreakers may be in for a rough ride.

  6. Overwatch, Battleborn (that Gearbox one), and Lawbreakers feel like they're all falling into roughly the same basket. From the limited exposure I've had to them, anyways.

    What is it with this batch of arena shooters all suddenly trying to flesh out some sort of unique character identity from the exact same archetypes, though? And I feel like the trailers/presentation of these three games is so damn similar.

    We've got KENJI.. the Asian melee assassin with some stupid tech gadgets you don't really want to use. BRICK.. the bald black guy with a minigun. SARA.. the chick with a cowgirl hat, two revolvers, and a razor-sharp smirk.

    I mean, the games aren't even out yet and it's already gotten old. If you must have character classes, fine... but just give me some skins to pick from or something and leave it at that.

  7. TF2 and Dirty Bomb are also similar.

    I actually thought that trailer looked pretty fun. You can definitely see the UT influence there. The assassins whip-swing/scorpion spear looked like a great, new weapon option.
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by sedition View Post
    The assassins whip-swing/scorpion spear looked like a great, new weapon option.
    That part did look neat, I agree. The xloc didn't need to rely on terrain of any sort, you could toss it out just about anywhere and know what you were going to get... so hopefully this one doesn't require a particular flavor of ledge or something along those lines. Traversing a stage by chaining those would be pretty entertaining in itself. Like the Ninja Rope in Worms 2.

  9. That thing made me excited in a Q3CCTF kind of way.

    This looks cool and all but I feel like we're approaching too many titles of class-based FPS PVPing at once. I guess it'll depend on what I'm playing at the time to decide how into it I'll be.

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    No longer F2P, now exclusive to Steam


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