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Thread: Forza 6

  1. Damn you, maybe if I get a bonus by year end

  2. I haven't hopped online yet, still working on getting more cars, but I'm really enjoying the setup of single player right now. A whole lot less grinding, the spins for each driver level are nice, and the main game progresses in a way that allows you to do each series in a variety of different car types to give you a good reason to go back to each series. I've only done 3 showcase types, but they allow you to take a break from series racing and do fun races or challenges with cars you may not yet have and its just the one race. I played on one where I had to use the newest Ford Mustang to catch up and pass previous models before the finish line. T10 did a great job with this game.

  3. On my first two spins I won a Veyron and 1M credits.

    I chalk that up to paying for every Forza DLC ever made

    I just wish I didn't have to work all the time ;(

  4. Forza SP has been such a grind since #3. Good to hear they toned it down. I really just like time trials and the like for long term longevity because it's so hard to find the right balance for AI. I'll get this at some point.

  5. Click for full size

  6. I'll probably snag this when I can find somebody selling their code from the bundle for like $30.

  7. I'll get this when I get a good wheel that will also work on XBO, but the G29 is stupidly overpriced right now at like $460.

  8. I picked it up on Black Friday and have been playing with ElCapitan and his uncle.

    Is anyone from TNL playing?

    We had a large crew of guys here that used to run races on Forza 2 and Forza 4.

  9. I got FH2 instead.

  10. I still play it, off and on in campaign though.


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