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Thread: Dreamcast Kiosk (free)

  1. Dreamcast Kiosk (free)

    Josh gave me 2 DC kiosks last year, and I have had my way with them so it is time to give one up. I live in NJ, if anyone here wants it let me know. I am not shipping this, derp.

  2. SSJN needs it in his store, imo.

  3. He already turned it down. He can't handle my sloppy seconds.

  4. What a square.

  5. I would absolutely take it if I were anywhere in the area. Good luck, and I hope it finds a good home.

  6. Road trip!

  7. what's it look like?

  8. It looks exactly like the first pic from Josh's link.

  9. Sears flashback


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