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Thread: Official NHL 2015-16 Season Thread

  1. Official NHL 2015-16 Season Thread

    It's getting close enough for a new thread. WOOT.

  2. Yes!

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    What the fuck is this?

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  4. It'll look even better plastered with ads.

  5. Adidas sweaters! Time to update!

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    I can't fucking wait. God.

  7. Phil Kessel impressed me with his speed in his first game. He's gonna play great with Crosby. My hockey circle has dubbed him "the common man". Dude can't help but look like Pigpen, no matter the occasion. Golf outings, charity event, common man don't shave.

  8. WOOT! Opening night.

    No NeNHL this year, Changeling?

  9. No Everyone has kinda flaked out. Anyone in any leagues this year?

  10. I didn't join any.


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