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Thread: I am Setsuna (PC, PS4, JPSV)

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    I am Setsuna (PC, PS4, JPSV)

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  2. I'm pretty excited about Tokyo RPG Factory, but that trailer isn't very compelling.

  3. Fight 'em where you find 'em and X-Strike from Chrono.

    ATB from FF.

    'nuff said!

  4. I'm interested in this greatly
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  5. Coming west on PS4 and PC; Vita version staying home. Also: official English title is "I Am Setsuna" - update thread title?

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    Thanks. Done.

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    Graphically this is underwhelming. It looks like one of those Playstation 1 games slightly upgraded on Dreamcast.

  8. It looks like something I really want to play on my Vita.
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    The Vita load times look horrendous. I can see why they'd skip it.


    Well that's one thing. Now give me a decent story and I'm all in.


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