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Thread: PlayStation VR

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  2. I can't even believe FFXV fishing is real. Star Child isn't doing a lot for me either, but it's Playful and I liked Lucky's Tale so it could be ok.

    Moss looks wonderful. I'm very interested in that one, it seems like something that could use VR's sense of scale very effectively.

    Inpatient also looks promising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda View Post
    Inpatient also looks promising.
    God damn it. BRB

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  5. Took the plunge on this tonight after work. I feel like there are enough games coming out that it's not just going to fizzle out and die. Tried it out tonight with the demo disk, quite enjoyed battlezone and project valkyrie, not so keen on rigz. Tomorrow I hunt down a used copy of battlefront and then I trade in some useless trash for bridge commander.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Error View Post
    then I trade in some useless trash for bridge commander.
    I think you've correctly assessed the value of that IP.

  7. If you are trying to make a joke regarding treks value compared to wars, dont bother. I like both equally for different reasons. If you are saying the current state of the trek franchise blows, i agree with you, and it is due to the wunderkind jar jar abrams.

  8. finally got me some battlefront. oh man. that was epic nerding out. i want more.

  9. I don't know where this one came from but I'm glad I found out about it now...

  10. Megaton Rainfall is at the top of a very crowded "Most Anticipated" list for me. 2017 is kind of insane for gaming.

    It's also coming to PC after the Sony exclusivity window is over. I'll probably end up with it on both, seeing as I still don't have the PS VR.


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