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Thread: I have an idea that could be potentially huge:

  1. Super Famicom I have an idea that could be potentially huge:

    A small, sleek and portable kitchen appliance with easy pre-set buttons that'd heat up your Mexican tortilla chips to that classic restaurant-style warmth, that could easily be tucked away in a cabinet.

    The device would be a huge hit at parties, get-togethers, etc. but also for dinners, or something to better your midnight snack. This could spark a dinner trend of having the tortilla chips with your dinner meal always be expectedly warm, too. Middle America is going to love this.

    Both young and old alike would enjoy this product:
    • young guys wanting to have heated chips available for their friends as they play video games
    • old people not wanting to mess with any of the trial-and-error routine of using other appliances.
    • People camping outside that'd want a hot & easy snack
    • Parents buying it because their children demanded it
    • Couples buying it for their partner as something cute and fun
    • A company buying it for their lunch room

    Tortilla chips are bought practically bi-weekly in American homes, by all demographics for all types of social situations. The customer base is astronomical - build and market it, and they will come.

    • muh ovens
    • muh toaster ovens
    • muh microwaves

    Nobody wants to heat up the house over just chips with an oven, and for the microwave or a toaster oven...All microwaves heat up differently, and nobody knows how long they'd need to be put in for; it's trial-and-error every time. Similar with the toaster oven. This isn't even mentioning the mess that comes along with that whole process. Indeed, this is why practically nobody does that.

    A circular base with an upright tube attached on top would give it the small & compact design. The chips would be heated up from either the bottom base, or throughout the tube. Once done, the user would pour them out from the top of the tube. For $19.99, what I'm imagining doesn't exist.
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    You forgot to switch to the Tyler account again.

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    Find a way to build it out of a Waffle maker and you'll be rich. Just ask George Foreman

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    This thread brought to you by 1800 with a Dos Equis chaser

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    Come to think of it, I could probably build what Doc is talking about out of a busted rice maker or crockpot

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    And magnets.

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    I suppose. But everything we use has magnets in some way or another.

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    especially soccer ball robots.

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    wtf is the deal today with all this tryhard? You and chux start a club?

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    ... high af rambling ...
    How much weed did you smoke, motherfucker?
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