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Thread: What Are You Playing? (Autumn, 2015)

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    What Are You Playing? (Autumn, 2015)

    Boogie Wings (PCB) - This game is bananas. I am still terrible at it, because there is so much going on, and it's so much different than any other game. It's almost like Gradius and Contra combined and then got an eight ball. Data East was so underrated back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I don't know why almost none of their best stuff made it onto that Wii arcade collection. Maybe they planned on volume 2 or something.

    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC) - I've been busy as hell this week and haven't had a chance to get back on to kick that God damned moth's ass. It doesn't seem like a hard fight at all and yet I've managed to lose it twice. The second time, I brought the witch along, as she contributed essentially nothing, a fine use of humanity.

    Splatoon (Wii U) - I got up to level 13 during the most recent rigged Splatfest. I really like the poseur NES Zapper, thanks in large part to its secondary weapons. I have yet to play with a TNLer and would like to correct that. Otherwise, I just do my own thing each round. I always get the 400+ points, which gets me the extra Splatfest point. Since I have yet to play when there wasn't one going on, I have tailored my goals to achieving those ranks. This game is no Garden Warfare in terms of cute competitive shooters unfortunately.

    Topps Bunt 2015 (iOS) - This is like that Star Wars "game" that Mzo spoke so highly of, except there is actually a game attached. This one combines virtual card collecting and fantasy sports, which scratches me in all the right places. I haven't spent a cent, but I still am enjoying it. I doubt I'll ever be competitive for the top spots in the fantasy games, because my deck isn't bug enough, but I do well enough to earn more coins. Plus I don't have to store thousands of pieces of cardboard.
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    I started playing Mario Kart and Smash Bros. on Wii U. Both are great offline but Smash has been mostly laggy unplayable trash online.

  3. Alien Isolation, and some classic games

  4. What Are You Playing? (Autumn, 2015)

    Trying to get through games I have.

    Destiny - this is a video game. I think.
    Zelda: The Minish Cap - playing this for the first time. Fun overall and doesn't look like dry butt aka ALBW
    Forzas - playing #5 and Horizon 2. Going through Storm Island on FH2, this remains one of my favorite racing games ever.

    Edit: loaded up PvZ GW because I signed up for EA Access (I may have been drunk at the time). It's still a fun little game! And I'm pretty sure they upgraded the graphics engine on Xbox).
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  5. R-Type GB- been in a mood to try Game Boy renditions of games that have no business on Game Boy. R-Type is decent enough, flicker doesn't seem to interfere with bullets, repeating music tracks are kinda annoying.

    Sonic 2 Genesis- handed this to the boys. Honestly one of the best intros to platforming there is. You can zip through til the end of Chemical Plant without a worry and the controls couldn't be simpler. They are loving the speed and are not getting frustrated when the brakes hit and you have time jumps or navigate water.

  6. Vagrant Story: Wanted to see if it was as silly as I remember. The story is well localized and well directed. The combat system makes no goddamn sense whatsoever. The weapons and affinities are needlessly complicated; lots of fat. You spend as much time managing weapons here as you do in a St!ng game, but it's not fun like a St!ng game.

    It might be a bad good game. An 8/10. If 7/10 (good bad game) is the best rating a game can get like Finch sad, then 8/10 (bad good game) is the worst.

  7. Playing some Forza 6. This game is the business

  8. Playing Splatoon and Mario Maker about daily. Also, inspired from another forum, fired up Mame and have been playing all of Capcom's arcade games as well as all of the stuff I have on various platforms. They have so many things to go back and revisit. I'd almost kill for Powerstone on PC and current gen.

    Been informed that there are new maps on Team Fortress 2 so I'll be trying that out this evening as well.

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    I obtained Galgun 2 a while ago. I felt like I was obligated to do so on the basis of liking the first game enough and that it was something new on the PS4. It's improved over the first game in many ways, yes, but it also doesn't have Move support at all, which means that you can only use the analog stick to move the cursor around on the screen. As a result, it does feel like the girl encounter rate is very reduced from the first game; in the meantime, they also put the new X-ray view concept to good use by hiding various secrets in the backgrounds, but I still feel like it's rather difficult to shoot them on impulse because the cursor just can't be moved over to them quickly enough. One other appreciated addition is all of the supplemental storyline that you can read as part of the phone texts between stages; having this available does help give the entire roster some substantiation. As with the previous game, I find my judgment of it all mixed on the basis of how it can manage to take the time to do some things well (and better than before) but still feel so flat and amateur in others.

    More recently I acquired Yoru No Nai Kuni. After seeing a few pieces on it I felt like the game could use the support, and I'm at least initially glad to have done so. The art direction saves the stiffness of the character exposition scenes as well as the general simple construction of the combat areas. More importantly, the combat system has good response and seems to have good potential for development with how you can work with the servant enemies. The game also features two women who are both very well endowed in their breasts. They jiggle a lot. I haven't yet ran into anything which would make me say that the game should be outright avoided.

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    I downloaded Super Meat Boy for Vita. I 100% the game way back on 360 and haven't played it since- really liked it, held it in very high regard. I wasn't planning on doing it all again on PS, but I figured I might get sucked in.

    I turned it on, played the first world, and I'm really disappointed, not sure what happened. The music was weird, and I googled it after and found out that they didn't get the rights so all the music is different. I don't even remember the original music, but I know I liked it better.

    Anyway, I doubt I'll play it through. I wonder if it's one of those games that is incredible the first time through but not replays, if the music was really that huge, or what. I also think it was one of the first games that had a certain type of humor, which was awesome when it was released, but its no longer unique or fresh. Curious if anyone has played the PS release, and your thoughts on it.
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