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Thread: What Are You Playing? (Autumn, 2015)

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    Yeah I wasn't able to get through much of Valiant Hearts because of those reasons. I stopped caring about what was going on and why very quickly, and there was nothing compelling in the gameplay department to pull me back.

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    u mad bro?
    Well yeah!

  3. As much as a lot of Suikoden III annoys me (endless running through the same environments endlessly, super limited storage space, etc), it's so damn charming that I can't stay mad long. When Aila got frustrated and slunched down with her chin on the table? My heart melted. So many little touches make these rather simple models become far more "real" than the super high poly count games of today.
    I've been rotating through each character's chapter before moving on to the next round of chapters. 34 hours in and I've just begun the first chapter 3 vignette. Granted 6-8 of those hours were idling.

  4. Strania (PC): ALMOST completed normal mode on 1 credit. I had Rocket/Vulcan 2/Sword against the final boss and hit the OverDrive right as I was about to off him. Unfortunately, the damn OD ran out just when the lucky bitch had 1 HP remaining. The sword was hardly ever used, except for the time the laser-options came out.

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    Monster Huner 4U.
    Fallout 4


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