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Thread: What Are You Playing? (Autumn, 2015)

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    I turned it on, played the first world, and I'm really disappointed, not not sure what happened. The music was weird, and I googled it after and found out that they didn't get the rights so all the music is different. I don't even remember the original music, but I know I liked it better.
    Holy shit, this is fucking awful. The music is half the game to me. I'm staying far, far away from this version.
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    Well that sucks!
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    I don't even the rage I mean )#@($@IU_+FJ$(U#()IRFK)_#
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  3. The PS4 version seems OK. I would never play it on Vita in a million years though

  4. Why's that?
    Boo, Hiss.

  5. I started playing Bioshock 2 (PS3) on Saturday. It's been sitting in my pile of shame for at least a couple of years, and I figured it close enough to a game for Holloween.

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    Why's that?
    I think the controls and screen would piss me right off

    I'm sure it's probably a fine port

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    Playing Fatal Frame on PS2 and want to check something:

    Did they really expect me to put in a number code to open a door using a wheel that reads counter-clockwise and only shows Japanese characters? Was there some clue I missed that said which symbols were which numbers?
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    It has been a while so I don't remember for sure but yeah, I think you need to know which number is 1 and figure out the rest by movement. I guess there's always Google Translate.

  9. yah mzo, learn to recognize kanji

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    You missed a notebook. I'm pretty sure those are not numbers in any language.
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