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Thread: Play non-whitelisted Vita games on your PSTV

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    Play non-whitelisted Vita games on your PSTV

    This deserves its own topic.

    The article is a little incoherent, so here's a step by step guide:

    Download writer.eml and list_launch_vita.dat.

    Open up your email client (I used Mozilla Thunderbird) and, if necessary, set up your email account in it. Remember that if you're using Gmail and have two-factor authentication enabled, you'll need to create an app password.

    Open the .eml file once you have done that. Then edit the email so that you have it sent the file to your own email address.

    Create a new message with the subject "ur0:game/launch/list_launch_vita.dat." (minus the quotation markss, and be sure to include the period after .dat!)

    Rename "list_launch_vita.dat" to "#0" (again, minus the quotation marks, and note the lack of a file extension) and attach it to the message. Send it to yourself.

    Fire up your PSTV and open the email application. Set up your email. Like with Thunderbird, you'll need to create an app password if you're using Gmail with two-factor authentication. You might want to write this one down, as you'll be using it at least twice.

    Open up the first message (it'll have the subject "click on the image then press the home button and close the email").

    Follow the subject's instructions. Click on the image so that an error message appears. The email application might hitch at this point. This is normal. Then press home and hold circle to close the email application entirely.

    Open up the email application again. You'll have to go through the email setup again.

    Open the second message (the subject should be "ur0:game/launch/list_launch_vita.dat.").

    Open the attachment. It'll show an error. Close the email application again - press home and hold circle.

    Now you should be able to run non-whitelisted Vita games. Enjoy!

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    This is just sketchy enough to run on the open forum, sure.
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    If the hack-your-3DS-to-run-emulators stuff is okay, then this should be perfectly fine. It's not like it lets you run games you don't already own.

  4. Yeah. This is just letting you play legit games that had an arbitrary limitation on them.
    Next time the PSTV dips, I'm in.

  5. I wanna try this, but I also don't want a future update to brick my PSTV.

    ...but I also REALLLLLLY want to play Ys: Memories of Celcetta on my TV...

  6. Sony would have to put some nefarious fucking code into the PSTv to brick it.

    All this does is literally replace the whitelist text file with a textfile that basically tells the PStv there's nothing to see here and no games are restricted.

    Also, besides gameplay (having to use touchpad quickly) or weird hardware reasons, there's literally no reason you can't play anything on a PStv. Sony don't really tell you this, but if you hold the playstation button down for long it will open the "PSTv" menu, and by doing this you can turn on touch emulation using either L3 or R3 to turn toggle it.
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  7. It works, playing Gravity Rush now, are there any times I'll NEED to evade and can't just heavy hand the combat sections? Because there's no way I can swipe that fast.
    Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.

  8. If you own a PS TV, you've made a huge mistake.

  9. What about the Vita?

  10. I've no complanits about my pstv.
    Of course, I essentially paid $15 for it and the 8gb stick.


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