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Thread: Beyond Shadowgate, Exile II: Wicked Phenomenon

  1. I didnt' have that one, but I had some that are probably worth some cash now. I mostly regret it because I loved my Duo. One of the games I miss the most was Mr. Heli, which isn't worth a lot at all, but it was so darn fun. Now, TG stuff are too expensive to get into again.

  2. ...are you sure. I bought it from you with a bunch of other games. I remember it because at the time that game alone was worth what I paid for everything.

  3. Nope, not Godzilla. I think you mean Syd Mead's Terraforming. That game sucked balls but it was valuable.

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    Really? That shit had new copies unsold on the net forever it seems.

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    A place near me recently sold Terraforming for $100. And that was the much less valuable Japanese version. I disagree about it sucking. It's a solid shooter with some trippy levels.

  6. Yeah, if anything I think it suffers from the crowded field of good shooters on the Duo, not bad by any means.

  7. Well shit. Where did I get Godzilla from?!

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    PCE Works probably.

  9. nah, this was a real copy. Woulda bet money it was from melf. Woulda lost that money apparently.


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