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Thread: Beyond Shadowgate, Exile II: Wicked Phenomenon

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    I have Mr. Heli! It's cute.

  2. Stop talking about the Duo, I regret getting rid of the system and now you guys make me want to buy another.

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    Does Beyond ShadowGate have the manual? Also does Exile have the foam insert? Could I see pictures? I'm seriously interested as I collect for the Duo.

  4. Wat hav I dun.

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    Pics would be great!

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    I have the money.

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    Isn't it reasonable that if someone is willing to pay you your asking price, granted that pictures show up a transaction should occur? You don't have to like me to replenish your Gaming funds. Let's handle this like Gentlemen.

  8. He put pictures up days ago. Quit trolling his thread.

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    I didn't see them.

  10. Right there in the first post. Click the attachment.


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