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Thread: Pagers

  1. I recall having a pager on my own then one for work but I don't recall when all that was.

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    Same here. And a little local BBS nonsense before CompuServe.
    Yeah - I dialed into a couple of local BBSes and then there were a few that talked to one another so I had my BBS "net" email, which was mainly used to bitch at LORD players whom I thought were cheating.
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  2. I rocked this one for a few years.

    I got rid of it when I got my first cell phone in around 2002. I first went online at home through my Dreamcast. I still remember the date, too: MelfNet became self-aware on October 29, 1999.

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    I never had a pager, but I first got on the net at a local college library in 93 or 94 I think. Shortly after my best bud got the net at home and I used it all the time. I didn't get my own internet service until around 98 I think.

  4. It's a shame they didn't evolve into little texting machines.

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    If only we had devices that could send text messages.

  6. They do in Japan.

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    I can't recall when I first got the web.

    I had a saturn with the netlink thing. And we had the web before that.

    I still remember finding this website of just folders. Full of 100s if not thousands of scanned hentai books.

    Looking back, that was incredibly odd. Who the shit was spending their life scanning manga anything in 96? Let alone 1000s?

    Another memory was posting as Optimus Prime on Gamefan bbs forum thing. Its hard to describe how the thing worked. Messages had a drop down like nested emails. I left that for a few months and when I came back they had a chat room. Anyone remember what years that was?

  8. I remember having to go to the university computer lab to download stuff from GameFaqs and print them out. They had like, 4 computers with Internet, and you had to leave your ID card to use them for an hour. I printed FAQs for import games and RPGs like Grandia and Shining Wisdom. I still have a guide for Shining the Holy Ark from a Saturn site that hasn't existed in years.

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    I remember being like this Lunar Final Fantasy Mud(maybe?) that would keep logs of their story stuff, and I would read it, because I was a huge dork.

  10. 97 pretty sure.
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