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Thread: They're GRRRRREAT!

  1. They're GRRRRREAT!

    This didn't seem quite right for Cinemania and too tame for that other place, so-

    Tony the Tiger doesn't care who you are or what you do, he just wants you to do it with all the heart and soul and energy you can bring to the table.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    So yeah, this thread is going to look kind of dumb when Kellogg's lawyers get done with their copyright claims. Still, I do like the cheerful good humor of the narrative line through this- Hooker blows cop, cop beats woman, woman suicide-bombs diner.

  2. I had no idea Mad TV was still on to be honest.

  3. Product of a pretentious European eco-food-warrior, as it turns out. Still good fun.

  4. #4
    thats a lot of work just to be pretentious

  5. I like frosted flakes a lot. I don't like this.

  6. I don't like Frosted Flakes and I don't like this.

    FF is a D-tier cereal

  7. I.... ugh liked this.

  8. I do not respect so much effort going into not being funny. That already comes so naturally to most people.

    I mean, who are they even zinging with this? It's like they're saying, hey, the frivolous assertion that your food might make you better at tasks is irresponsibly overlooking the fact that, if the assertion is true, it could indiscriminately enable immoral acts as well. /kneeslap

  9. *yanks collar*

    Tough crowd.

  10. Yeah, I just laughed at Tony the Tiger encouraging people to throw themselves into their actions, no matter how terrible or wrong, with everything they've got. That's the message of the videos, nothing else. The subtext is that they had fun subverting a kids' advertising mascot.


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