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Thread: My War With Firefox

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    Meh, turning off flash didn't fix the ultimately problem. Firefox still eventually gets bloated enough to choke itself out. Now it just takes a little longer.

  2. Isn't that what Firefox is known for these days?

    It's a feature.

  3. Youtube videos sometimes cause it to freeze badly. You'll see the picture stop while the audio keeps playing and Firefox stops responding.

    Welp, it was the hot new Hollywood star of browsers. Good while that lasted. Now it's the star appearing in the tabloids sporting 50 pounds of beer gut.

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    What's the ultra lightweight browser these days? I don't think Midori is supported anymore.
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  5. Microsoft Edge.

    I think part of the problem is users, they load up 80 extensions and complain about bloat.

  6. ^^^ agreed wrt the extensions part

    edge, unfortunately, is just IE with a new coat of paint regardless of what the user agent says (it actually reports itself as fucking safari of all fucking things, probably because that new html rendering engine appears to be an off-shoot of webkit)

  7. A lot of those extensions should probably be part of the browser to begin with.

  8. It's probably a good idea to close Firefox at least daily, or it will get bloated.

    You can have a machine with a godly CPU that can take the latest games on Ultra-Max-Hyper whatever, and Firefox can bring it to its knees.
    Is a 3.2 GHz quad-core with GTX 580 STILL enough to handle Firefox? It's getting ridiculous.
    It may be a good idea to close Firefox before playing something like Crysis 2/3, Far Cry 3/4, Ryse, or newer CoDs from Ghosts to Black Ops III, etc.

    Firefox does supposedly cause some laptops to overheat. Surely it's a CPU raper, because I use Firemin to keep the RAM requirement down but may now try a more balanced setting (moderate on RAM and CPU, 515/1000).

    Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26
    Firefox still eventually gets bloated enough to choke itself out. Now it just takes a little longer.
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    Finished in 2020: 7 games (PS4: 6, Arcade: 1)

  9. also, if you haven't already done so, grab an official 64 bit build which might help with resource management


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