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Thread: My War With Firefox

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    My War With Firefox

    So I still use FireFox. It has an add on I really like, called Linky that lets me open all images in one tab or tabs, and open all links or all selected links in tabs. I use it to power through foreign language websites. Or for loading all of a board or forum's images into one page that is easily saved.

    But here recently, firefox has been an almost useless pile of shit. I've blamed flash for the longest time. It has a separate flash container in the Window's Task Manager that can eat up just as much memory or more than Firefox. I've been opening task manager and ending the flash manager task for a few months now and that normally fixed everything. But for the past three weeks that stopped helping. The task would just restart and start eating up the same amount of memory as before.

    So, tonight it got dealt with.

    First and foremost, just disable or make flash ask for permission by going to Tools > Add-ons >Plug-ins> and setting Shockwave flash to ask to activate.

    If you're a big tab user like me, you can further tweak firefox's memory allocation of previous page tab memory. To do that, go to about:config in your browser, then look for browser.sessionhistory.max_entries. The default is 50. I set mine to 10. Some go lower.

    Two addons people like for lowering the memory usage is about:addons-memory and Tab Data. The first shows the memory usage of add ons. The other displays memory usage per tab in the tab name. I personally like the second one more as it allows me to see which tabs are eating up the most memory. Usually it is news stories or random click bate you probably won't need later and can be closed.

    After those few small fixes, firefox now runs great again. It is using 1/4 the memory as before. Maybe even 1/8 since the beastly separate flash container is no longer running.

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    This could probably go in Circuit Board, if someone wants to move it.

  3. Done.
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  4. I kept having issues with Flash Shockwave stalling page loads or even totally hanging the entire browser, requiring a forced shutdown. Since switching to Chrome I haven't had any trouble. It's a shame though, I really liked Firefox.
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    I really wonder why flash in firefox is so bloated.

    It is striking just how much better firefox runs with it turned off.

  6. There's shitloads of people on a bunch of tech boards that have had/are having the same issue. Just as you described, it got to a point that the only way I could get Firefox to run at all was to completely disable Flash. Obviously that's a problem when you're using the internet in 2015.

    If you can figure it out you'd be a goddamn hero. After trying a couple dozen workarounds that didn't work, I finally just gave up.

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    I've had user profiles just delete and take their bookmarks and settings with them too many times with Firefox. I gave up a couple years back.
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  8. I've been using Safari, mostly, for about 8 years.

  9. keep flash up to date and set firefox up to clear your cache when you close the browser, might just be placebo or 12 gigs of ram talking but the only time I run into problems is when there's unoptimized javascript on facebook or dozens of old non-html5 youtube embeds on a page

    e: also ublock origin so maybe its ads that are chewing your shit up

  10. Wouldn't this add on help with that?

    I also use ublock origin and don't have that many issues with firefox. I have a single core desktop so chrome runs like shit and crashes all the time on it. The only problems I have with firefox is that some streaming sites don't optimize for it/prefer chrome so the streams won't always start or they'll stutter sometimes.


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