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Thread: Which brand of esoteric nomenclature constitutes edgy in games in late 2015?

  1. Which brand of esoteric nomenclature constitutes edgy in games in late 2015?

    Indie - the ps4/vita re release of staunch gaming classic Super Meat Boy only underscores the vital importance of claiming how you grew up loving 8 bit NES games while badgering your kickstarter backers for more coin.

    Innovative- the word innovative is innovative; nobody ever thought of the unbridled innovation a term like innovative may connote before the term "innovate" was defined and brought to fervent use in pop culture. as gamers iterate on the term innovate, all possibilities, even impossibilities, are now achievable. If you are making a turd of an indie game inspired by the time you played Simon's Quest on acid and hallucinated being abducted by Plutonian aliens, call that shit innovative and you're virtually guaranteed to sell a mil.

    Derisive Microsoft Acronym-For forever and conveivably since the dawn of the human race, Microsoft has been championed as a sort of grassroots, all-about-the-fans, scrappy alternative to behemoth corporations such as Sega, Atari, and Neo Geo. It was not until very, very recently that we learned how powerful and omnipotent this seemingly innocuous shop truly is, when someone created an acronym for the company using a dollar sign. Therefore the archetype of independent and innovative edge in late 2015 is the use of the acronym "M$"
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  2. Bong Rips?
    Boo, Hiss.

  3. paint huffs

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    Meme games and gender sliders.

    I really don't envy developers these days. Most of them, at least.

  5. retro: it doesn't mean what you think it means.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Tyler_Durden View Post
    Derisive Microsoft Acronym
    This sort of thing seems childish to me regardless of the context. It's only ever edgy on the elementary school playground.

    lol serious talk in a Tyler_Durden thread

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    I really wish Hub, Stibs, or kano wouldn't get high and post here as korian and tyler.

    Or shit, Josh or whomever.

    How are you guys still doing this? How is it still funny? Are you on gchat right now giggling about it?

  8. The only time I have ever posted as anyone else is when Ramon and I used to switch accounts. Hubbitron, Kano, and/or Stibbons haven't been here in years. Tyler is not a dupe account. You're paranoid.

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    You would say that.

  10. It's true.


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