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Thread: Looking for headset recommendations

  1. Looking for headset recommendations

    Not sure if this is because a bunch of people moved in my apartment building or what, but I can't for the life of me get any headset to work (well) with the new systems. I have tried wireless (Sony Gold, these used to work), wired connection to the controller wired to the system, all that jazz (more so on PS4). Anyone have any recommendations? Doesn't have to be wireless...can be tethered, but I'd rather connect it via USB to the system instead.

    Thought about getting the A50s as they work with both systems and operate on something other than 2.4 GHz. But I would rather not spend 300 dollars, especially if they don't fix the problem (I could obviously return them but w/e)

    Or are there things I could try? I disabled my own Wi-fi on my router but that didn't really help (plus not really a good long-term option). Don't really want to unplug the universe

  2. I've been using Astro A40s for a few years now and have nothing bad to say about them (other than the price). I've tried several Turtle Beach and Triton sets and they were all sub par compared to the A40s.

  3. I've got one of these guys, the Kingston Hyper X II headset, and couldn't be happier with it. The earphones are super-comfy and the audio sounds great to my ears. Disclaimer- not an audiophile.


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