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Thread: Gran Turismo Sport (PS4, possibly PSVR)

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    Gran Turismo Sport (PS4, possibly PSVR)

    Quote Originally Posted by Eurogamer
    Revealed during the Paris Games Week press conference, this title appears to be a GT Prologue type game, reckons Eurogamer's resident gear head Martin Robinson.

    "We're seeing Audi's new GT3 R8, the Mazda Vision car, the R18 from a couple of years back," he warbled excitedly.

    All of that with the FIA partnership that was announced last year, allowing for officially-sanctioned FIA championships.

    In the fan cup there'll be the opportunity to represent your favourite marque.

    PlayStation VR compatibility will also be possible.

  2. That trailer did not tell me shit. That's unfortunate.

  3. Gran Turismo: eSports Edition

    vv but this one is for ages 7 to 77, get it
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  4. Polyphony should just pair up with iRacing, take over their art department, and work on a PS4 port.

    Just from the name I'm guessing this entry will be aimed at a wider audience than the usual sim-esque focus. As long as they have Subaru in there I'll probably pick this up if they make a PS4 bundle, otherwise I may hold off until GT7.

  5. I'll just stick with Forza 6. Polyphony lost me last gen.

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    Forza needs to calm down. 3 games in two years is a bit much.

  7. What's the third one?

  8. They did it forza money.

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    5, horizon 2, 6.


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