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Thread: Nintendo Mobile Games (Android, iOS)

  1. I don't think advertising your lure here will get you the age range you're looking for.

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    Yeah, at the park it wasn't kids doing the Pokehunting, it was mostly 18-25 year olds I'd say.

  3. That's the age group I hung out with for 30 minutes tonight after work.

    "NIGGA I JUST CAUGHT A SQUIRTLE" was yelled from across the Seattle Center and we all went running. When this game works it is fucking rad.

    I'm buying a battery pack, fuck you all.

  4. SO this fucker uses Google Maps API. If you go into Maps settings, select "offline areas" and download wherever you end up playing the most you'll (allegedly) save battery.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    It's 12:30am and there's an active lure on the Catholic church down the street...
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  6. Curiosity got me to download this. It's interesting I guess but nothing I'm going to be playing a lot. I've seen a bunch of local kids walking and biking past with phones out. Lol. We have one of those pokestops in the park in front of my house.

    I was away this weekend doing some outdoor stuff. Out in the middle of nowhere on top of a cliff overlooking a lake my phone was showing a ton of rare beasts but my signal was weak as fuck and the second I left the peak my service died so the game would no longer work. Lame.
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  7. I hope this game is a big punch in the face to Nintendo execs for avoiding the mobile market for so long. Ditch the DS shit.
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  8. They should just make all their games for non-Nintendo platforms

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams View Post
    They should just make all their games for non-Nintendo platforms
    That's pretty much the only way I'm playing anything they make anymore.
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  10. Nah. They should just keep making hardware that's so outdated that my PC can emulate it.


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