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Thread: Nintendo Mobile Games (Android, iOS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams View Post
    I don't think the NSMB or whatever art style helps it in that regard. It just always looks bad IMO.
    The bolded is the gaming equivalent of ACC football.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee View Post
    Honestly, I played the hell out of the two Rayman auto runners. This fake Mario doesn't look as tight to me.
    Correct. Those are great phone games!

  3. Nintendo has been going nuts on mobile stuff lately, not sure if anyone else here has tried them.

    On top of Mario Run we also recently got Pokemon Duel, a digital recreation of the old Pokemon 1v1 board game, and Fire Emblem Heroes, a pretty standard gatcha game with the traditional "WORLDS COLLIDE" story along with FE-esque random stats and easy SRPG battles.

    Pokemon Duel seems like the more polished one, with some interesting balancing going on (stronger units tend to be less mobile, have less special moves that can override big attacks, and have bigger penalties), nice looking statues of the Pokemon, and straddles the line of simple and strategy pretty well. It has a hard time holding my interest because I don't care that much about board games in general, but it's fun to see when someone with a much weaker looking lineup than I have does a good job of outplaying me.

    FE Heroes seems closer to something they just decided to churn out for mobile, with Flash style sprites that are there just to take up space (I keep confusing some of my similar looking characters on the map and in combat without checking their portraits every time), very simple battles compared to the normal games, randomized stat leveling up (great for a regular game, not as much when they're asking people to give them money to gamble at getting a character in the first place), typical 1-5 star rankings with awakenings, and so on. That said, I do enjoy it and like the voices and combat, but I feel like a big part of the limiting factors are the tiny maps. I think the foundation works overall as long as they continue to make improvements as time goes on.

  4. I've really gotten into Fire Emblem Heroes in recent weeks, enjoying it as a F2P player. Anyone else playing?

    I look at it as a spinoff game really, a separate and unique entity from actual Fire Emblem. I enjoy thinking about which characters to build up from those acquired, considering potential skills to equip them with, all the while working with limited resources and fulfilling missions to add to those resources, and putting together small squads of characters to accomplish difficult goals. The Voting Gauntlet, the meta, and especially the Reddit community are hilarious, I really get a kick out of them.

    Speaking of which, with today's new Path of Radiance banner, I got Ike on my first full pull. -Atk/+Res is slightly disappointing, especially for the Heavy Blade A passive, but I certainly can't complain.

    I've recently cracked the 2100-2200 score in the Arena, I've still got ways to go in terms of building better team synergy and utilizing bonuses more.

    One day I'll just stop playing and simply move on, but for now it's fun.

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  6. Nice paywall.
    I hope they stick with the Super Mario Run business model instead of more freemium fuckery.

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    Unfortunately, I expect the latter. They made a lot more money with Fire Emblem than with Mario.

  8. I think from their perspective whatever money they get directly from mobile games is gravy. The primary purpose of them is to generate interest in their traditional games, which payed off pretty well with Pokemon Sun/Moon after Pokemon Go.

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

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    I hope they do a time exclusive game where they only sell a certain number of licenses a day, and at the end of the fiscal quarter they retire the game.
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    The Super Mario Run full unlock is on sale for $5.


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