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Thread: Nintendo Mobile Games (Android, iOS)

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    This is a very bizarre take on social media. I am wasting a lot of time on it so far.
    Why are you reading this? go to your general settings and uncheck the Show Signatures box already!

  2. Is anyone else' app really, really loud? I have to turn my volume almost all the way down when I check in.

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    One of the help screens said something about a power save mode.

    I want to know where Drew got his dinosaur head. Is that one of the grabber machine things I don't understand?

  4. You could buy it in the shop on launch day. I'm sure it'll cycle back in... eventually.

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    Son of a bitch.

  6. It's available today. First tab in the shop.

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    I wonder if it's the user's first day, because I don't see it today.

  8. I really like this!

  9. It's so stupid, but it works.

    Edit: I think a lot of it has to do with Text To Speech for me. That shit always makes me laugh.


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