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Thread: 2015-2016 NBA Season Thread

  1. Chu 2015-2016 NBA Season Thread

    How is there no thread for this?

    Anyway, Warriors are picking up where they left off, Blake Griffen is on a tear, and my poor Pacers are still trying to find their identity.

    Oh, and it's been a week and Derrick Rose hasn't had a season-ending injury!

  2. blazers suck, season is over

  3. You misspelled seasnon.

    I don't normally get into hoops until Christmas.

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    Is Melf a Lakers fan?

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    I'm not a big shoe guy, but I love these.

  6. Those would be perfect for my job.

  7. Steph Curry has just taken it to another level, which is hard to believe. Dude is playing with a major chip on his shoulder too.

    Basketball Jonah Hill (Brian Windhorst) just pointed out on ESPN that he has 40 more points than Durant on 4 more shots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MechDeus View Post
    Those would be perfect for my job.
    That would be hilarious.

  9. The one-time savior of the Knicks, Jeremy Lin, is now playing with the Hornets. He's already trade fodder in the NBA.
    <a href= target=_blank></a>

  10. He was on the Rockets and Lakers too.


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