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Thread: Treasure Hunters and Explorers Famicom Club

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    Treasure Hunters and Explorers Famicom Club

    I thought we had a thread for the Famicom already, but tnl search is saying no. Maybe we discussed it a lot in the nes thread at the end.

    So, we probably have at least 5 board members with Famicoms.

    What is everyone playing?

    Some that I really like

    I really like Buggy Popper (Bump`n`Jump in the US). It is just oozing charm. The music is great. I like the little towns. I love the cartoonish super jumps. Its just fun.

    King Kong 2

    You play as King Kong, there is zelda like gameplay and you're trying to save your girlfriend. Oh, and one of the castlvania composers did the music.


    An early good bad game. Good because it captures the original Macross anime so well. It has the music, ships, mecha, etc. It even starts with a cute little minmay doll walking up and hitting a gong. Bad because it is an endless loop of the first two levels.

  2. Ha, after not messing with the Twin for months, I hooked it up today. I married a Hogan's Alley and Gradius II together for a friend today so he could play it on an NES.That got me in the mood. Played a little Sqoon and Crisis Force. Two games that I want to like more than I do.

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    Bump & Jump was probably one of the very first NES games I ever played. I've stayed far away since, the memory of it is perfect.
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  4. Someday I need to finish off Fire & Ice properly. I was maybe two levels from the end of the secret extra-hard post-game level set and just couldn't figure out that puzzle.

  5. How do you hook up a Famicom to a modern TV?

    Is there anything different about the Famicom version of Bump & Jump?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Son of Bryce View Post
    How do you hook up a Famicom to a modern TV?
    If it's the original model, anything with a coaxial input should work. Change the channel to 94 and you're good to go. The AV and Twin Famicom systems had composite A/V output as well, it's a little easier to deal with and the picture will be a little better.
    You should really find a cheap/free Sony Trinitron that someone's about to have hauled away though and see if you can check if the picture's still good.

    I like Gall Force on Famicom Disk System:

    That intro is really nice, making great use of the Famicom color palette and the wavetable synthesis of the FDS. I can't recall anything else doing full color big character portraits so well. I'm sure there are a few that I don't know of, but even Moon Crystal and Ninja Gaiden don't use color as well.
    The game itself isn't bad for 1986, still plenty playable, but the ship is a little big and moves lowly until you get the rare speed power ups. It's cool that rescuing the characters gives you different power ups for the ship though.
    S. Iwata takes a couple places in the credits, Executive Producer included, and Wahyo Iwata takes a couple of credits as well. If the internet isn't lying or ignorant, Wahyo and Satoru are the same person, though i'm not sure why HAL wanted to pad the game credits. That along with HAL's late Famicom as well as super late Super Famicom Metal Slader Glory and his claim of Maison Ikkoku being his favorite manga in the early 80s makes me wonder if he was a big fan of anime and manga, at least through the 90s.
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  7. The last few things I've played:

    Exciting Rally, also released in Europe as Championship Rally is a decent racer with good animation and varied tracks. The lack of music in-game is annoying, apparently rally games are all about engine noises. Hal is credited as the developer (at least in the Euro release).

    A nice looking platformer with mild character creation options. A PC Engine sequel was planned but ultimately cancelled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Bryce View Post
    How do you hook up a Famicom to a modern TV?
    Aside from using channel 94, the other option is to mod they video. Most people I see gaming on the og fami have the simple AV mod, which works fine but is sometimes a bit noisy. If you're hardcore you could get a NESRGB board and have excellent composite, svideo, rgb or component.

    Personally I just run a AV Famicom in RGB these days.

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    One of these days I'm going to install one of those boards.

  10. Just get an Analogue NT.


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