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Thread: NO LONGER FREE Untold History of Japanese Game Developers (be quick!)

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    I guess I'll read it in browser.

    The oppression of the kindlers continues.

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    Yes. It adds it to a kindle library.

    I don't have a kindle.

    So I guess I have to read it in browser or see how hard it is convert whatever it saves to my hard drive when I install the file for offline reading.

  3. Do you have a smart phone and/or tablet? I can't say all of the screens are even decent for reading anything but comics, but it still works in a pinch.

  4. You can also read it on the Amazon® Kindle™ App(lication) available for your iPhone™ or Android* wireless telephone or personal computing device.

    *patent pending.

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    No. I will not be reading it in the kindle file format using any kindle software.

    I will look this gift horse in the mouth. I have to think about its long term health.

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    I'm behind on gaming books so I didn't start reading this one until today. I'm really enjoying it, so many long overdue interviews with Japanese developers. I cringed at seeing Yokoi credited once again for inventing the d-pad, though (the Intellivision pad is older and not that obscure!).

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    Game historians are a bit behind on how to write proper books.

    A simple timeline would solve little fact checking problems like that.

    I think part of the problem is that really passionate gamers live in a bubble. They don't partake of other hobbies with the same energy so they are not aware of how other people approach research and the presentation of said research. Like maybe if they'd picked up a history book they'd see a timeline. Or read something on the history of Marshall amps, and see what years which models were released.

  8. I wonder what problems can't be solved by reading books about tanks or old amps.

    I do agree that gaming historians being more gamers than historians is a problem, though. Instead of challenging assumptions like "Yokoi invented the d-pad," which is what historians do, these guys often codify them.

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    Not a lot in there about cooking.

    Though you can use the same skills to find amp and tank books to find cook books.

    But the actual tank books are sparse on baking.


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