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Thread: Strania coming to Steam

  1. Strania coming to Steam

    G.Rev doing their own damn Cave and bringing Strania to Steam next week.

    $15, includes the Side Vower DLC.

  2. This is a pleasant surprise. I don't think I ever saw the fourth level, but I wouldn't mind giving it another shot.

    I love that so many niche games from Japan are finding their way to Steam. My need for consoles of any kind continues to dwindle.

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    Couldn't get into this game, something about it just feels off. Looks exactly like it did on 360 as well. Pass.

  4. I remember liking this game, but never put the time into it that I did their other games. I will pick this up to give it another shot and also to encourage them to port Border Down. The Side Vower DLC was pretty substantial so it seems like a good value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pineapple View Post
    Couldn't get into this game, something about it just feels off.
    Same here. Shame, as I think I like Border Down as much as I dislike Strania.

    Regardless, this is still good news in general.

  6. In on this. I guessed this would be their first title, since it was on NesicaXLive like Crimzon Clover. Sure it looks like the 360 version, but PC should be able to crank it up to 4K resolution.

    Border Down is probably the best choice for the next one. DO IT next G.Rev- you'll have more of my money even if it's just a straight port of the Dreamcast game that can run in higher resolutions. Hopefully Strania sells well enough to show G.Rev that they're in demand.

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  7. They will get my monies! So many shmups on steam now!!

  8. This is out!

    It's a solid but very straight port. My 360 stick works, the game runs at a smooth 60fps with no weirdness on my gsync display, and there seems to be an internal 720p resolution cap (game allows you to select what you upscale to up to 1080p lol). Nothing thrilling if you have the 360 game readily available, but it's still the best version due to controller flexibility and it's G.rev on Steam.

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    I'm in. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Only $9 thanks to the Thanksgiving sale, too. That's far too nice to resist.


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