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Thread: Stella Glow (3DS SRPG)

  1. Stella Glow (3DS SRPG)

    Probably about 3/4 through the game or so. Definitely needs its own thread.

    SRPG from the now-dead studio ImageEpoch. Very anime with a lot of dialogue and story between battles. As a result, the first couple chapters were kind of a slog, since I wasn't yet invested in the characters/story and the challenge/combat options were lower. Things ramp up quite nicely, however.

    I love me a good, challenging, well-designed RPG and that's exactly what Stella Glow is. I'll probably be mentioning it in the future alongside games like Growlanser III, Gladius, Gungnir, Dark Wizard, Brigandine, etc. as far as relatively unheralded SRPGs go.

    It's a set-cast SRPG with elevation differences and directional facing importance, special abilities that consume mana, another shared super meter for song abilities, and chance-based abilities (largely on normal attacks) largely from Orbs you set on each character. Basically a hodge-podge of ideas seen before, but it works together very well. Most story stages have two additional challenges that will reward you with items and unique gear if you meet them. The most common challenge is completing the stage without losing a unit (no perma-death by the way) You'll also see stuff like having a specific character get X number of kills, protecting an NPC unit and the like. There are very few turn-count limitations, which lets you take your time. I generally enjoy this mechanic when it turns up, such as the somewhat similar mission rank systems of Gungnir and the Growlanser games, but I don't mind re-attempting stages for mastery.

    I'm really impressed by the character balance as well. There doesn't seem to be a runt in the litter, though some don't come into their own until certain abilities or passives are unlocked. Siliconera wrote an article about how much Archibald sucks because of his poor movement. But he's the easiest character in the game to max affection with (via a free-time/social link type system) which gives him +2 to his movement range. Beyond that he's pretty beastly, with extremely high HP/Def/Atk stats, the ability to negate attacks against nearby allies, a strong DEF down attack, a HP regen ability etc.

    Oh, the game is also pretty darn funny at times. Graphics and voice acting are good, as well. It just occured to me I didn't check the options menu for JP audio, though.

    Have some media.

  2. I'm not a fan of this game's packaging.

  3. The key is to say it clearly the first time and not turn into a passive agressive nerd when you're asked to speak up. That's universal to all nerds, apparently, because Genshiken (slice of life manga/anime about nerds) used the same gag with an otaku buying doujin. SSJN, surely you have a story or two about it?

    Personally, the Dominion Tank Police dvd was the most embarassing cover I've ever bought. Cashier didn't seem to raise an eyebrow that time, but once there was a gamestop clerk that said "Oh, it's one of those games", but I forget which game it was. I grew up with STREAMLINE PICTURES AND MANGA PRESENT: NOT YOUR FATHER'S CARTOONS, so I'm pretty much desensitized to it.

  4. I was prepared to buy this game at full price until I saw how long enemy turns last. Now I'm not so sure...

  5. Animations are skippable.

  6. no no, I meant the actual packaging. I was going to get it from Best Buy but they spider-wrapped their copies and crushed the shit out of 'em.

  7. Oh. That sucks.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by alan_fatima View Post
    Animations are skippable.
    It's the enemy "think" time that I'm more worried about. Looks like it really adds up during later battles.

  9. I've noticed a couple seconds here and there, but nothing to write home about, so far.

  10. They had a single copy at Best Buy when I picked it up and it took them half an hour to find it.
    I like the game a lot! There isn't a jp language option at all but the English voices are high quality enough that I don't mind at all.


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