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Thread: Hey, Verbal

  1. Hey, Verbal

    Have you seen the next DVD of Now and Then, Here and There? Has it even been released yet? If so, how was it?

    Or was there only one DVD?

    (Note: Those questions were only posed so this would not be moved. The real reason this is here is to call the following thread to your attention. Since I figured you would come in the anime boards every now and again, but you might not hit the off-topic boards)

  2. The new Now and Then was for the sadness in knowing theres only one disc<4eps> left. I cant believe the big 3 companies didnt fight for this one at all...I wonder how many other quality shows slip under there radar whilst they try to find the next sure thing.

    sincerely yours

    lee vicious

    Oh mean you reall didnt want to talk about the show...of all the low down dirty tricks....I will say good day to you sir.

  3. Grrrr....rotten, dirty name changes. What am I supposed to call you now? Lee (lol...Riisuke will fight you for that name), or Verbal?

    Y'know, youandwhosearmy once made a reference to there being a music person on the boards. Frankly, I always figured it was either D or Mode7.

    Congrats and all that. But you have to admit it's a little hard to show our support when we don't know the name of the CD, neh?

  4. Call me verbal<Is Riisu calling himself Lee now???> or vicious....or V or lee....its all the same.

    As far as the music thing goes...I was gonna do A big thread about it when my release date got too close for comfort...but things happen<and boards evolve I guess>, anyhoo, my groups name is Artic Circle our albums called Strange Winter and it will be completed before the end of this month. PM me your address and when its done ill send you A copy or rech me at my NEWLY WORKING!!!!! e-mail address

    Was that link you put up from A current thread??? If so then ill just post some words there instead of putting up A whole thread.

    Nice to speak to you again Alan, stay cool.

    sincerely yours


  5. Nah, Riisuke's real name is Lee. Not only that, but he mentioned how the character Lee from CB:Knocking on Heaven's Door was an almost-perfect representation of him.

    Kinda scary considering Lee is a highly desensitized(sp?) video-game addict.

    And uhh...maybe you don't get the idea behind "support". See, that means I actually pay money for the cd. So do me a favor and tell me where I can buy it.

    And yup, that link is to a thread not two days old. Not to mention the "missing in action" (also not two days old) has you listed several times.

  6. Uhh..sorry to tell ya this but...were below underground...Independant and such so before we become "SUPASTARS"<cue glitterey sound effects> its grass roots selling CDS outta my cardboard box type stuff. So for the few who've shown interest online, I just tell em to e-mail me there address and when it drops ill mail it to them<upon receival they can send me the money>.

    If you love Hip Hop<a la EPMD,A Tribe Caled Quest,Black Sheep and such> you might find it worth your time. If it anyway for the subliminal messages ive hidden.



  7. #7
    Deus13 Guest
    Just to make a little interjection...but Now and Then, Here and There does indeed kick ass!!

    But sadly I have no money with which to buy the other dvds

    I may have to wait till the box comes out to get the rest, that or rob an old lady, Oh well.

  8. Wow, I leave for a few weeks and the board's wiped again?
    Well maybe this time iMacs can participate again. We'll see.
    Just dropping a hello, Verbal. Hip Hop's outside of my interests as much as Canterbury rock is outside the interest of %99.9 of anyone else's, but best of luck to you.

  9. screw support....

    Hey Ver.... Lee, when you get finished with your album... thing give me a holler on PM or e-mail ( ) I'de like to hear it.

    ~Mr. K~

    Hmmm i would say "support" but with a newly aquired girlfriend (OH YEAH!) and my HATE of my Chinese food job... I might be low on cash. Bwaha!

  10. Rob an old lady???
    Why you dirty rotten so and so!!!
    Didnt your Momma ever teach dont rob old rob old married couples!!!
    Geez, so sexist.

    Finch....I think im going to hurt you now..what the hell is A Canterbury it anything like A Cadbury Egg<hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Cadbury Egg>????
    I still luv ya<in A way>.

    Mr K....if<when> it gets done ill throw you A bone but first, you gotta do sumthin for me. Ok, first, mail me nude pics of wait, just mail me your girlfriend, and make sure shes got all your money...and 2 quarts of Shrimp Lo Mein,cool thx....ill send her back later this year.




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