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Thread: I Miss Swap Note

  1. I miss Swapnote AND Picto Chat. If Nintendo wasn't assured every adult in the world is a pedophile, we could have had the latter online on the 3DS.
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

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    I miss Kirby and Dracula.

  3. We named the dog Kirby.
    Boo, Hiss.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bbobb View Post
    Finch made swap note the most wonderful thing
    This 100 fucking %. I loved Finch on swapnote but some pissant child molester had to ruin it for all of us.
    6-6-98 - 6-6-08 Happy 10th Anniversary TNL

  5. It's kinda silly, but I'm so glad it was one of theirs that ruined it and not one of ours. Like, the world can hate the U.S. for so much. But they can't blame the loss of swap note on us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by icarusfall View Post
    We named the dog Kirby.
    Biting my steez!
    To boldly go where lots of men have gone before...

  7. Turns out we DID get the Swapnote badges. I can now look at Nikki on my home screen and be sad that we no longer get Finch Kirby Adventures.


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