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Thread: The Sega Genesis and Scart connections

  1. The Sega Genesis and Scart connections

    Most recently I've discovered the power of RGB when it comes to many retro systems. My first endeavor was with the Sega Saturn and everything seemed to work fine. Same goes with SNES. Having problems with the Sega Genesis. Right now I have a Model 1 set up i.e. both gen and scd with a 32x attached. The scart cable I bought is for the Model 2 because of the connectors of the 32x. The video works fine, but I get no sound. I get sound with the Saturn and SNES, but none with the Genesis. Does anyone else use Scart? And would you know what I'm not doing to get sound. Any tips are appreciated.

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    Do you have the cable running from the Model 1's headphone jack to the 32X?

    edit: I might be thinking of the Sega CD.
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  3. Yes it's plugged in and volume all the way up. Sound works when running composite.

  4. Maybe some answers can be found here.

    (Coury's channel is awesome check out their other RGB vids.)
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    I think I know the problem. The Genesis 1 is mono, and the model 2 av connector that the 32x shares has a separate pin for mixed mono sound, the scart cable is pulling from the l and r channels.

    The easy fix is to pull audio from the headphone jack or (preferably) the Sega cd rca jacks if you have one connected. I do that anyway since Genesis systems tend to have audio buzzing if you use scart audio.

    You can also buy a custom cable that pulls audio from the headphone jack.

  6. Thanks for the info, Though I have a cable running from the Gen's headphone jack to the hdmi converter, it has a port I'm going to try the rca jacks and see what happens.


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