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Thread: PSA: December 2015 Gaming Events

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    PSA: December 2015 Gaming Events

    In case anyone is interested but not aware or paying attention, there are two relatively big events for game announcements this week:

    Game Awards - Thursday, December 3 at 9pm CotUST

    PlayStation Experience keynote - Saturday, December 5 at 1pm CotUST

  2. CoTUST?
    Where I play
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    Center of the Universe (aka Eastern) Standard Time

  4. I'm going to the PlayStation Experience on Saturday and Sunday, mostly for the Capcom Cup Finals on Sunday. Looks like I'll have to show up early to catch the keynote.
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    Keynote stream is starting up in less than five minutes.

  6. Uncharted has dialogue options? wtf.

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    Randy Pitchford sets a pretty high bar for the biggest douche to appear on stage.

    edit: We've reached the point where exclusive access to a single character during a beta is a thing.
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    Third Parties

    Double Fine: Full Throttle Remastered (PS4 & PSV) and Psychonauts: The Rhombus of Ruin (PSVR) are potentially nice surprises.

    kobojo: Zodiac looks promising too, despite a fairly weak connection to Final Fantasy VII and Tactics.

    Sega: Yakuza 5 comes out on Tuesday, and Yakuza 0 is coming west on PS4.

    SNK Playmore: Last Blade 2 is coming PS4 and Vita, and KoF XIV has come a long way since we first saw it, though it's still not as pretty as XII and XIII.

    Koei Tecmo: Nioh, aka Onimusha Souls, continues to look potentially fantastic.
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  9. This is some weak shit.

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    Bastion is out on Vita today for $2.99 and supports cross buy.

    The bit.trip something something. I typed through that announcement.

    Nuclear Throne is out today on PS4 and Vita.

    I really like the look of Brutal, representing its ASCII roots.


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