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Thread: Rainbow Six: Siege

  1. Rainbow Six: Siege

    A friend of mine has been making a case for me to grab this on PS4 and join him in multiplayer. It's very reminiscent of oldschool Counterstrike, so he says.

    I'm still on the fence, but figured I'd also test the waters on interest for it here. Non-spacealien army guy shooters don't seem to be all too popular on TNL, though.

    One thing's for certain, though: the game seems to look gorgeous and shit blows up all fancy!

  2. I think it looks interesting but my multiplayer FPS plate is too full right now so I've been largely ignoring the launch. Maybe next summer after some price drops.

  3. Same here. I have plenty of multiplayer games to play and I wasn't that impressed with the beta. Felt like a $20 game. Especially being multi only.
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  5. I love this game. This and Destiny have all my time.
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