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Thread: SW Battlefront: Deluxe Edition (PS4), Uncharted Collection

  1. SW Battlefront: Deluxe Edition (PS4), Uncharted Collection

    Rather than decide between playing Star Wars without the new DLC or paying for the DLC, I'd like to sell the game and think about something else. I can't wait to see The Man's face when he realizes my It is still Stuck To him.

    This came with a download code for Jakku which I have not redeemed. A new copy is $42 on Amazon. $32 shipped fair?

    Also have a Nathan Drake collection (physical version) still sealed I'd part with for $25 shipped.
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    I'd take SW if no one else wants it, I say that because I should wait a week or two before throwing more money at games. If that's ok and no one else bites, I'll be around.

  3. PM sent for The Nathan Drake Collection.


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