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Thread: My War Against Blindness

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    My War Against Blindness

    So I guess my eyesight is going to shit. I am now near sighted. I can no longer read small quarter inch tall print from across the room.

    Monday I'm going to ask some people at work about a good eye doctor.

    Today I went to the store to get some higher watt bulbs to make sure the rooms in my house are better lit. Right now I'm pondering what to do with the three fixtures that use candelabra base sockets (why would anyone install a central light that uses shitty candelabra base bulbs?). I'm thinking the cheapest solution would be to get candelabra base converters, then pop in normal base led bulbs that would produce less heat.

    I got some reading glasses.

    I'm going to order a sowing/soldering headset.

    What should I know about sunglasses and anticomputer glasses?

  2. This is relevant to my interests.
    Boo, Hiss.

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    This is the adapter I purchased. This seller also has E26 base bulb doublers and... bulk magic eraser lots.

    Got some of each

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  4. Anticomputer glasses are a thing?

    You can't wing this on your own. Reading glasses from the drug store are a temp solution. Your eye doctor will be able to tell you what your choices are(glasses, contacts, laser surgery). You'll want to get checked every 2 years from now on (might need adjustments to your Rx)

    I'd recommend not getting transition lenses for sunglasses. They might be convenient, but they don't get dark enough and depending on the style of frame you get, might not be large enough to cover your whole eye (this happened to me). You'll need to get an extra pair of prescription sunglasses for the best results.

  5. Plus transitions make you look like a tool bag.

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    but I am a tool bag

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    Guys, I think I have the sunglasses thing on lock. I'm gonna bring it back.

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    Man, what could go wrong with a lightbulb called Sun God

  9. It's the size of a football and designed for use in barns. You tell me.

  10. So, it would be too much for my closet?
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