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Thread: How to Scratch That Collecting Itch?

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    How to Scratch That Collecting Itch?

    Now that I've been priced out of collecting just about anything I used to, I'm looking for something new to get into. Games, Movies, Toys, and Comics are dead to me. Books take up too much space.
    I want to collect something, but have no idea what it is. It would have to abide to the following rules:
    1.) Be easy to find "in the wild." Clicking Buy It Now is no replacement for happening across a thing in a place unexpectedly.
    2.) Have some use outside of "sitting there." I thought about old tools, but I don't know.
    3.) Have at least some cultural importance.
    4.) Be relatively inexpensive.

    Yeller has his LDs. IP has his Nazi memorabilia.* kingoffighters has his overpriced blenders.

    Any ideas?

    *I know it's not all Nazi.

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    Get over collecting and play some games.

  3. Old porn

  4. Books take a lot of flack for taking up space, but do they really? A 350 page hardcover is about the width of two DVD cases side by side and maybe two inches taller. They're cheap, have the "in the wild" factor, look good, smell good, and some have cool stuff inside.

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    I have the equivalent of two walmart cheapo five shelf book shelves double stacked already. Yes, too much space.

  6. Exercise equipment, fruits, vegetables.

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    Aw Chris, you're all the fruit I'll ever need!

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    This is a great thread, since I can relate. My problem is that many times when I scratch that itch I lose interest in about a year and end up liquidating everything. The Famicom stuff was a great example. I think your criterion of being able to find it in the wild will help some with that. Given what is dead to you, I think you're on the right track with old tools or some other antique. I think old advertising is cool, but it certainly only sits there. Watch a few episodes of American Pickers and see if anything pops.

    edit: I think something that takes you back to your childhood in some way would be another good criterion. Garbage Pail Kids have a 30th Anniversary Series out right now!
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite View Post
    Exercise equipment, fruits, vegetables.
    This. Collecting is just an addiction. Replace it with something more productive.
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Aw Chris, you're all the fruit I'll ever need!
    Gosh Paul, we're on a first name basis now!

    Do you have any artistic leanings?


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