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Thread: Samorost 3 (Android, iOS, Mac, PC)

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    Samorost 3 (Android, iOS, Mac, PC)

    Quote Originally Posted by Eurogamer
    Samorost 3, the upcoming adventure by Machinarium and Botanicula developer Amanita Design, is coming to PC and Mac on 24th March.

    The developer confirmed to Eurogamer that Samorost 3 will also arrive on iOS and Android platforms later this year.

    Amanita Design cut its teeth making point-and-click adventure games with the first two Samorost titles before the Czech developer made a name for itself with Machinarium in 2009. The first Samorost came out in 2003 and is entirely free, while its 2007 sequel, Samorost 2, costs $5 (about 3.50) but offers a free demo covering the first half of the rather short game. Both titles follow the exploits of a gnome astronaut and his dog.

    Samorost 3 has been in development since 2011, though one assumes Amanita didn't fully commit to it until after Botanicula's launch in April 2012. But even that was four years ago, suggesting this long-delayed return to the studio's roots will be its most ambitious undertaking yet. It sure looks pretty in its new trailer anyway.

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    This sounds like it will be developed into more of a proper adventure like Machinarium than the previous Samorost games. I'm definitely interested.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by NeoZeedeater View Post
    This sounds like it will be developed into more of a proper adventure like Machinarium than the previous Samorost games. I'm definitely interested.
    I hope so. Machinarium was really a special game, one of my favorite modern adventures, but nothing else Amanita have done has really connected for me and I'm starting to worry it was a fluke.

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    RPS liked it:

    Samorost 3 is so bursting with life, so lovingly crafted, that it’s impossible not to adore. I cannot think of a game whose soundtrack comes close to this, and few that are so pretty. Gnome’s yelps of delight, or enthusiastic dances, or the way he sometimes says, “Hop!” when he jumps, are idiotically adorable. It’s so alive, so intricate, and so graceful.

    I wonder if the difficulty will see it be a less celebrated game than the last two, but it really is a thing of beauty.
    James is also 2.5 hours in but has failed to provide impressions. God bless Steam stalking.

  5. Impression- I love the ~ living fuck ~ out of this game.

    I only got it last night so haven't managed to get too far in, but so far it seems like Amanita's best adventure yet. Right now I'm stuck on a puzzle that seems like trial and error, but I'm probably just missing a visual cue. So far I've cleared the home world, the first alien ecology, and its satellite, and am now in the third major area. Each section has its own unique style, but still very much like Amanita scavenged branches, bark, and stumps to create each world. Plus the music is wonderful.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    RPS usually hate adventure games that are adventure games, so this is not really a good sign in my book.

  7. This is one of those games that people are going the word "experience" to describe, isn't it.

  8. Probably, but it's a puzzle adventure game first and foremost so don't let it get to you. If you've played Samorost or it's sequel, this is exactly what you'd expect from another game in the series.


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