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Thread: Gears of War 4 (PC, One)

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    Gears of War 4 (PC, One)

    I really like and respect the approach the new developers are taking, which seems to start with "do no harm." I also think the in-game designs look a lot better than this image:

    That one doesn't look like it's from 25 years later.

    Here's hoping I care on launch day, based on official announcements between now and then.
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  2. The beta should be coming out here in the next few months. Has there been any word on if it is campaign with co-op or multiplayer? The game play they have shown so far looks pretty incredible. I'll be curious if the final product looks that good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurogamer
    Two-player couch co-op is confirmed.

  4. I don't see how the beta can be anything but multiplayer.

    Edit: didn't know Spartacus 2 was doing the voice of the main character.
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    I misread what ElCapichan said. I completely agree that the beta will only be multiplayer.

  6. Games like Hitman and Mirror's Edge are getting betas these days. It's just the new demo.

  7. I look forward to this, although I don't have a machine to run it. It might sway me to get an X1, but I really rather have a PS4 instead. Maybe I will get off my ass and just build a gaming PC.

  8. Splash Damage is doing the level designs and handling the matchmaking system for the multiplayer, which runs at 60 FPS on dedicated servers.

    Beta invites will be sent out on April 18 via Xbox Messages if you played the Ultimate Edition.

  9. *party horn*

  10. I'm more of a campaign guy so I'm more looking forward to seeing additional gameplay of that.

    The multiplayer is usually great so I have no doubts it'll be fun.


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