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Thread: Gears of War 4 (PC, One)

  1. Need one for a team of five. Sam, Net, Wild, Kev.

  2. I got this in the mail today and playing with/against randoms blows.

    Add me noobs:

    jyoung OS

  3. After switching from Insane difficulty down to Hardcore, my enjoyment in the campaign has shot up immensely. That first chapter was a bit of a slog, but overall, I am digging the story far more than Gears 2 or 3. Interested in seeing how these final 2 acts complete the story, but as of right now, I am all in on more sequels.

  4. How's multi?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    How's multi?
    It's typical Gears. Playing ranked you run into a lot of people who are too damn good for their own good. I tend to get one shotted far far more than I am capable of doing myself. It's still fun, but my best memories of Gears multi is Gears 1 when we had a room full of TNL only.

  6. The good old days.

  7. Hello friends, your boy Chux is back in the mix.

  8. #88
    Does anyone still play multi in this? I barely touched it after finishing the single player, and I think there is crossplay for everything but ranked now, right?

  9. No, there is cross play for ranked too.

    I play it. I think this is the best Gears for MP honestly.
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